Frequently Asked Questions

What's a Scrap Flick / Video Scrapbook?

A video scrapbook starts with your favorite photographs, and home movies, adds our professional quality transitions, custom animation, and sets it all to your favorite music. We digitize your materials, and record the finished product onto a DVD.

Can I still use your service, even if I don't live nearby?

Yes. Shipping and e-mail allows us to serve clients everywhere. We'll ship your video scrapbook directly to you.

How do I order?

Use the order form. Feel free to contact us if you have questions.

I've submitted my order. What happens next?

We'll contact you by phone or email to discuss the design of your Video Scrapbook in detail. This individual attention results in a video scrapbook that reflects your personality. We strive to make the creation and design process as enjoyable and easy-to-understand as possible.

How do I send my pictures?

  1. You can scan and save your photographs (.JPG or .GIF formats) onto a CD and mail it to us along with your video files. Or, if you have hi-speed internet, you can send them by e-mail. This may be more convenient for you and can speed up the design process of your video scrapbook.
  2. You may also send us your photos, cds, and videos by postal mail and let us scan them for you using our professional-quality equipment. Materials sent by postal mail will be returned with the finished video scrapbook. Please call or e-mail us for packaging and shipping instructions.

How can I pay for my video slideshow?

We accept PayPal. After we receive your order, we will talk you to about payment arrangements. It's easy and safe!

How long will it take to complete my project?

Once everything has been received, typical production time is approximately 2 weeks.

I need to place a rush-order. Is this possible?

Yes. Since each situation is different, please contact us if you're considering placing a rush order.

Can I use copy-written music?

In order for us to use copy-written music in your Scrap Flick / Video Scrapbook, you must own the original CD (not CD-R's) or we can purchase the music for you for $1.00 per song.

Can I get Copies of the digital photos scanned?

Yes! For just $.50 per scanned photo, we will send you a CD with your color-corrected photographs.